Pregnancy can be an exciting and/or difficult time for most people. You’re excited about the new baby but you may also be worried about all the upcoming life changes.

  •  You may be thinking how will childbirth be? 
  •  Can we really afford this baby? 
  •  How will be as a new mother?

Are these worries normal, or is my pregnancy causing an anxiety disorder? Here’s everything you need to know about anxiety during pregnancy.

Why does anxiety occur during pregnancy?

It’s normal to feel some anxiety while you’re waiting for your baby’s birth. Everyone has some worries while they’re pregnant, but you may be experiencing an anxiety disorder if you:

  •  Are consumed with worries most of the time
  •  Are anxious and fearful about your own or your baby’s health
  •  Feel that your anxiety is out of your control
  •  Are having a hard time concentrating
  •  Have muscle tension, stomach problems, or headaches that can’t be explained by a medical condition
  •  Are having problems sleeping
  •  Feel restless, agitated, or irritable

How to manage anxiety during pregnancy?

  •  Exercise-Unless your doctor has indicated otherwise, it’s usually safe for people to get moderate physical exercise during pregnancy.
  •  Meditation- When we feel anxious or stressed, our sympathetic nervous system takes over.
  •  Seek Mental Health Support- Pregnancy and the period after delivery can be a particularly vulnerable time for women. Mothers often experience immense biological,  emotional, financial, and social changes during this time.