Medical Marijuana Evaluation

Many people resort to medical marijuana to alleviate their pain. In obtaining a medical marijuana card, patients may face a number of challenges.

Revive Therapeutic Services can help you with the process of legally and safely using medical marijuana!

Patients are better able to take control of their treatment and education thanks to our team of board-certified psychiatrists, who use their expertise in medical marijuana therapy to advise and empower patients. For our patients to embark on a course of natural recovery that is more efficient and beneficial, we assist them in gaining the knowledge necessary to comprehend and converse with local dispensaries about a broader range of medicinal marijuana strains. A registered medical marijuana card is compulsory for patients to access a medical marijuana dispensary. We can help you with the process.

Any Rhode Island resident who is questioning whether medical cannabis may be right for you can schedule an appointment for an evaluation. Along with  compassion and encouragement, you will receive a psychiatric evaluation, a breakdown about cannabis as a treatment option, and a consultation about its proper use. If qualified, all paper work will be completed to submit to the state.

In your healing journey, you're not alone!

Licensed to treat and diagnose patients, Revive Therapeutic Services will discuss the current eligibility conditions for mental health and addiction therapy. We expect that this list will continue to grow as medicinal marijuana effectively treats a wide range of mental health and addiction conditions. Our mental health professionals are here to assist you in your journey to mental and emotional health and well-being. They are ready to give assessments and certifications to that end.

Safely providing access to medical marijuana to help you recover.

Medical Marijuana is an excellent alternative to addictive and harmful pharmaceuticals prescribed for various diseases, and that’s what we’re here to provide: a natural and effective therapeutic option. Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated the safety and efficacy of medical marijuana. Natural medicine offers an alternative path to better health and recovery free of side effects. Doctors with years of experience treating patients with a wide range of health issues are on hand to conduct medical marijuana examinations for you.

You are educated to ensure you have a comfortable experience with medical marijuana.

Revive Therapeutic Services is dedicated to gaining a comprehensive understanding of each patient’s unique conditions to provide them with the individualized therapy they require to benefit from medical marijuana to the fullest extent possible while maintaining the highest possible level of comfort. For our patients to obtain all available benefits, we educate them thoroughly on the correct dosage and the associated risks.


What to expect during a medicinal marijuana evaluation?

When you visit the professionals in the field of mental health at Revive Therapeutic Services for a consultation regarding medicinal marijuana, you can anticipate receiving a thorough evaluation. Your healthcare practitioner will ask you in-depth questions about your symptoms, past medical and mental health background, and current therapies while they are doing your evaluation. The team may obtain medical records from your primary care practitioner if it has determined that your unique health needs can be met by medicinal marijuana.

Marijuana Certification Process

Rhode Island Residents who wish to receive medical marijuana therapy from us must first be certified as eligible by one of our providers.

Your privacy is our top priority 

Without your explicit and written authorization, we will never disclose, divulge, or disseminate any of the information you provide. Without first receiving your permission, we will not even confirm that you are one of our patients. One of our primary objectives is to facilitate easy access to medicinal marijuana products in a manner that is confidential, secure, and not prohibitively expensive for Rhode Island citizens.

We provide the support you need

We are always available to guide patients through the whole application process, from the very beginning to the very end. We even offer support once patients have been issued their medical marijuana cards. When you schedule an appointment with us, you gain access to professionals well-versed in all aspects of the procedures involved in obtaining a medical marijuana license. When you decide to get your medical marijuana treatment from Revive Therapeutic Services, you may have peace of mind knowing that you will get the assistance you require.

  • Eligibility confirmation

To begin, we’ll discuss your medical history and current symptoms to see if medical marijuana would be a good fit for you. Our practice demands a one-time, non-refundable fee to verify your eligibility for medicinal marijuana use because insurance providers do not engage in the certification process. We will not charge you if you are not eligible to consume medical marijuana.

  • Evaluation

Our board-certified psychiatrists will review your health records and medications to ensure that your prescribed treatment does not interfere with your usage of marijuana. As a holistic clinic, we provide follow-up assistance, including tailored dosage advice and assessing how cannabis interacts with your entire health.

  • Registration

You can register for the Medical Marijuana Registry Program with the State Department of Health if you are deemed medically qualified for it. You will receive a state-licensed dispensary registration card from them.

  • Follow up

Several reasons necessitate that you schedule follow-up visits with your physician. For starters, maintaining a current license is essentially a state requirement. A six month follow-up is required by the state for maintaining your Medical Marijuana License. It’s equally crucial, however, to discuss your symptoms and side effects with your doctor to ensure that you’re receiving the best holistic care possible.

Always remember that getting marijuana isn’t the final purpose of your endeavors. Your first goal is to resolve any issues with your physical or mental well-being, and this is where we can be of assistance. The follow-up appointments are mandatory per The Department of  Health [R21-28.6-MMP], section 2.5(e). Therefore, if follow-up  appointments are not kept, then we cannot renew your license when it expires.