Many people resort to medical cannabis to alleviate their pain. Obtaining a medical cannabis card, patients may face a number of challenges.

Revive Therapeutic Services can accelerate the journey toward securing one.  

Any Rhode Island resident who is questioning whether medical cannabis may be right for you can schedule an appointment for an evaluation. Along with  compassion and encouragement, you will receive a psychiatric evaluation, a breakdown about cannabis as a treatment option, and a consultation about its proper use. If qualified, all paper work will be completed to submit to the state.

  • Review of recent medical records and physical exam 
  • Signature of Practitioner application form for qualifying patients.
  • 6-month follow-up of medical condition for maintaining your Medical Marijuana License as required by law.
  • 1-year Medical Marijuana license renewal assistance.
  • Information on where to find Educational information on R.I. Medical Marijuana Law.
  • Educational information as to the benefits of Medical Marijuana.
  • The follow-up appointments are mandatory per The Department of  Health [R21-28.6-MMP], section 2.5(e). Therefore, if follow-up  appointments are not kept, then we cannot renew your license when it expires.