PTSD can be a very lonely, misunderstood condition. If you believe you may be suffering  from PTSD, don’t hesitate to call our Providence, Rhode Island office. The first step  toward healing is diagnosis. After that, we can begin to support you in your journey to recovery.

Symptoms, Signs, Treatment

PTSD can be triggered by natural disasters, experiences in war zones, an  accident, an assault—any intensely traumatic and/or life-threatening event. It is important for sufferers to be evaluated and then receive treatment for  post-traumatic stress disorder. 

Symptoms include:

PTSD can also vary depending on whether it resulted from a single  traumatic event, such as a person involved in a traumatic car wreck or  the victim of a single crime. Others suffer multiple incidents of the  same type of trauma. PTSD can be seen in military personnel and also  those who suffered prolonged abuse as a child. Others develop PTSD after  being exposed to multiple different types of trauma.  An example of  numerous different traumatic events would be surviving a housefire, then  becoming a victim of a crime months later.

Treatment for PTSD:

Seeking help from a provider here at Revive Therapeutic Services is the first step on a journey  to healing from PTSD. Treatment methods include: