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Self-love is the Best Love

“Self-love is the Best love”

We can show ourselves, love, in many different ways and this includes emotional, social, professional, environmental, spiritual, and financial levels. Self-love includes self-awareness about the many aspects that influence your perception of yourself.

So how can we engage in Self Love?

  •  Stop Comparing Yourself to Others-It’s important to remember that Comparison can be damaging to your self-esteem. Often times when you compare yourself to others, you forget that what you think their reality is not actually what is actually taking place.
  •  End Toxic Relationships-Some relationships including family, friends and significant others can cause a damper on the love you have for yourself. It’s important to let go of toxic relationships in order to make room for a better relationship with yourself.
  •  Engage in Self-forgiveness- Everyone makes mistakes. Mistakes are what help you grow. Forgive yourself and grow past experiences.
  •  Put Yourself First–Self-love means permitting yourself to put yourself first.
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