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At Revive Therapeutic Services, we understand that mental health diagnosis and treatments can be overwhelming. That's why our experienced team will work to develop effective solutions tailored just for you! From specialized treatment of conditions such as OCD, depression, anxiety & more - to providing the best possible care in locations across Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Maryland.

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Let us help put your mind at ease with a comprehensive plan designed specifically around meeting your needs. Come experience quality clinical services today; Let revival begin here!

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Don't settle for just any care. Unlock the key to living a more fulfilling life with personalized, high-impact treatments that will transform yours and many others' lives.

Our Treatment Focus

Help us break down these barriers by receiving this amazing opportunity today. Despite stigma and discrimination, everyone can experience some form of mental illness at any time in their lives.

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Mental illness affects more of us than we would like to admit. But seeking help isn't something to be ashamed or scared of - it's a courageous step forward towards wellness and self-acceptance.

Our Patient Promise

Our team are here with understanding hearts, ready to provide care that makes each client feel heard and respected. Take the leap today!
Call 911, Go to the Emergency Room of Your Choice

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, please reach out for help immediately. Call 911, Go to the emergency room of your choice, Call your local crisis team or text START to 741-741 or Call Lifeline at (800) 273-8255 (National Crisis Line).

For all none life threatening related mental health issues contact us.

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Let us help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and thrive in the areas of your life that you feel are lacking. Take a look at what our clients have to say about us.

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Myrissa Cate
January 18, 2023.
I’ve been a patient of Akos for a couple of years now and she recommended doing TMS therapy for my anxiety and depression I was nervous at first because I wanted to feel better but was also nervous to committing to do something daily for a prolonged period of time but I took a shot in the dark and I’m so glad I did. 36 treatments and I have to say the girls in the office that did the treatment were amazing 🙌🏻 I would bring my son and sometimes other kids with me and everyone was so nice and made me feel so comfortable which I think is important when your trying something outside of your comfort zone TMS was well worth it I’ve now started to living a better life and feeling better overall cooking more doing more with my kids I find myself enjoying things more. I’m actually sad it’s over. I really ended up enjoying going daily and talking with the girls in the office I’m definitely going to miss going! Thank you to Akos for getting me started on this treatment this is the first psychiatrist office that has ever listened to my concerns and been supportive and helpful
Moses Craig Jr.
January 18, 2023.
Dr. Joseph allows me to express myself without being judgmental. These therapy sessions are really helpful alleviating the stress that caused my mental health to deteriorate. I am glad this is having a positive effect on my overall wellbeing.
Tasia Osborne
January 14, 2023.
First session went well! First time I’ve felt listened too in a long long time. Thank you!
Rachel Taylor
January 10, 2023.
She was extremely nice and had my concerns met.
Revive Therapeutic Services is Here for You! We Are a Culturally Diverse Mental Health Facility Dedicated to Providing Personalized, Cost-effective Solutions

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Let us help you take the weight off your shoulders. Our diverse, collaborative staff will be there for each step of your mental health journey with empathy and compassion. We strive for open communication and opportunities for growth, leaving our clients feeling better prepared to independently manage their well-being in a healthy way down the road. Trust that we’re here provide an all encompassing approach backed by knowledge and compassionate care!

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